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I Was Supposed to Run a Marathon #2

June 29, 2018

The Bay of Fundy Marathon should have been my seventh marathon of the year. I am still stuck at five. I did run/walk the 10K for this race, which showed good progress from barely being able to walk two weeks earlier. I alternated between running twenty steps and walking twenty steps. I was able to maintain a 11:25 mile pace and finish in 1:10:55.


I learned an important lesson. (Yep, I can learn lessons even when the race is not a marathon.) I learned being worried about failure or embarrassment can rob people of really amazing experiences. I almost didn't try the 10K because I was worried I could not finish or that I would be dead last in the race. 


I experienced beautiful scenery and amazing people during this race. On the bus to the start, I sat next to a lady who is piecing her life back together after tough times. She just moved back to Maine from California, leaving behind her grown children and dogs. She told me about how she was forced by events to take this courageous step. Though her journey has been tough, she is growing and finding a strength she did not know she had. I tend to live a status quo life and her story was inspiring.




There were a lot more spectators on the course than I expected. They were all supportive - even with my crazy run-walk combo. Sometimes unconditional support from complete strangers is what a person needs!


After my race, I sat and watched runners finish the 10K, half marathon and marathon. I could see the sense of accomplishment these runners felt. I heard one half-marathon finisher explain how awesome it was to run over the bridge (from Campobello Island, Canada), turn left and see the finish line. I could feel her creating a life-long memory just as full of emotion as images and sounds. 


I saw a husband-wife duo finish the 10K at about the two-hour mark. The wife had some sort of physical challenge. I had seen them at the start and tried to picture the moments it took to get to the finish line. They also experienced the wonderful weather, beautiful views and supportive spectators. I realized how ridiculous it was that I had cared if I finished last. I know these two had a great experience, which is all it is about. It is tempting to say she was running with a disability, but it seems to me that my pride about not wanting to possibly quit and not wanting to come it last is much more of a disability than her physical limitation. GOOD LESSON!!!


I am hoping, hoping, hoping to be able to run my planned marathon in Idaho on July 28th. I am up to alternating between running a minute and walking thirty seconds. I am working on getting some answers to why my foot hurts. Basically, I am staying positive, plugging away as much as I can and being smart. (Or as I say it, "Not be stupid.") Remembering that this is about putting kids through college debt free, I am using some of my down time to plan fundraising events - a winter camp for elementary kids and hopefully a wine-tasting fundraiser!! Stay tuned!!


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